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Why Therapeutic Cannabis instead of Medical Marijuana? Two reasons really, first the name marijuana is a slang and pejorative term for Cannabis Sativa, and the word medical has come to mean allopathic medicine, when it had a more inclusive meaning a century ago. In fact, if you wanted to see a physician 100 years ago you would have found homeopathic physicians to have equal stature with allopathic physicians. Allopathic medicine has cleverly defined the playing field to to include only “evidence” acquired through peer reviewed double blind studies. While peer reviewed studies are good science, there are other forms of evidence.

Consider Hiroshima and Nagasaki, utterly destroyed by atomic bombs. Those bombs worked without peer review, as the whole world observed. When you are allowed to define what constitutes “evidence” you can ignore thousands of years of human experience using cannabis in a therapeutic manner.

Allopathic medicine will state “we don’t know what the risks of driving under the influence of marijuana are” cleverly stating “there just aren’t enough studies” both true statements on their playing field. However, ask an insurance actuary what the risks of driving under the influence of marijuana are and they will tell you without hesitation. Why? Simple, insurance companies live and die by knowing the risks of different human behaviors. The very success and profitability of insurance companies are proof of their science, which is simply math.

A peer review double blind study is nothing more than a very verbose explanation of the underlying math. That’s how the Manhattan Project was successful, by using math. So it’s time to leave the allopathic medicine playing field, refuse their definitions and embrace the real therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

In time I will flesh out the above statements and bring info on current and past therapeutic uses of cannabis and means of delivery.

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